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Simple Impact of Social Media

LinkedIn is a crucial business social media channel and critical for organizations to get their message out.

We all check the newest posts, polls, roles, and promotions. But most of us are “too busy” to effectively post on social media.

Or so we think.

As a sales and marketing professional, I am guilty of watching from the social media sidelines. Posting on social media was just not a priority compared to tackling the to-do list, and my team and I work with clients to develop social media campaigns to drive awareness and leads. We should know the impact of social media on your business and personal brand.

My social media profile looked like a dead patient’s heart rate, flatlined.

So, I tried an experiment with my LinkedIn profile to see how minimum effort impacts social media.

Every morning starting at the end of May, I posted an article from the Wall Street Journal, NPR, CNN, or other news sources. The pieces are on topics and issues that mean something to my business or me. Many of the articles are on technology or economic news, and my contribution to the post is to highlight my take-away from the article.

The total time required to read the articles and post on LinkedIn is about one 12-ounce cup of coffee.

The experiment changed my expectations of the impact on the business community. Over 60-90 days, the numbers amazed me:

  • Impressions – 41,000+

  • Increase in Impressions – 2038%

  • Increase in Engagement – 7100%

  • Posts picked up by LinkedIn News – 2 times

  • Profile Views – 350+ Views over 90 days

LinkedIn and other social media platforms increase your market exposure only if you participate. So, the key to social media is to post often to keep your name at the top of your customer and client's mind.

The content does not have to be unique or even created by you or your marketing team. Industry trends and subject matter topics are available online, and you can leverage the content to build your reputation. For example, share content your colleagues, analysts, or clients generate. Share things you found interesting, and as a by-product, you are becoming more informed on the economy, industry trends, or the newest advancement.

As you add followers, especially if you leverage LinkedIn for prospecting, social media enables salespeople to define their voice for a prospect. Your customers are researching solutions using tools like LinkedIn, and you can cement yourself as a leader and an expert in your field.

The core principle is to post content that educates. Your prospects will thank you for the information.

Like many activities, doing something small every day makes monumental changes over time. So today is a good day to make small changes for a significant impact. My daily postings will keep my brand at the top of my customers' and clients' minds.


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