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Near/Off Shore Staffing

Expodentially Power Your Development 

For most organizations, hiring is the biggest challenge to their success.  Unemployment is at a 50-year low and technical resources are scarce and expensive. 

Small to medium businesses must rethink their hiring strategy.  Near-shore staffing enables organizations to hire quality resources in a similar time zone.  And a near-shore option reduces the cost of development. 

  • Tap into a quality pool of resources

  • Quality resources at a lower cost

  • Seamlessly integrate near-shore resources into your day to day


What you need to know

What is Near-shore staffing?

Near-shore staffing leverage quality lower cost resources in south and central America.  The teams are highly skilled in traditional development tools without the challenge of dealing with teams from the other side of the world.

How does Near-shore staffing reduce costs?

Near-shore countries have robust education systems and a low wage baseline.  Highly skilled people are looking to help US companies succeed, and in turn, they succeed. Near-shore can reduce your costs by 50%+.

Is managing the global time zone a big issue?

Off-shoring resources in India and the Philippines have cost benefits but they come at a cost.  Your domestic development teams must adjust their schedules to support the time zone change, reducing the actual joint team productivity. 


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